Ben Adrian - guitar, vocals
Stephen Pride - bass
David Shollenbarger - the drums

Originally formed as a recording project by Ben Adrian (formerly of Replicator, the Librarians, Sunflower Conspiracy, and many more unknown bands), he made the mistake of writing songs he wanted to play live. He tried a number of lineups, and they all failed. Eventually, he asked Stephen Pride (currently of Collisionville) if he wanted to help out with some recording and a couple live shows. Stephen was quickly shackled, handed a bass, and made unable to escape. A while later, Ben's friend David Shollenbarger (formerly of Agent Orange and Blood on the Saddle) answered an ad for a drummer, not knowing Ben had placed it. Whoops. David was also quickly shackled and tossed into the slave ship.

The band is considered active, as well as douchebags. When not playing music, the band isn't playing music, and therefore it is of no concern.

The entire first album, Home Deprived, is currently available free online:

The second album, is being molested for songs for an EP, which should be in existence shortly.

Writing in the third person is weird. I'm bored.

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